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basti is a designer from Ulm. He recommends you to get in touch.

aa Grœung

As part of the Anantākkhara project, the grid-based typeface Grœung explores a style in Khmer commercial lettering in the 1960s. A set of complicated Opentype feature code allows more than 1000 variants of the Khmer alphabet to vertically compress a Khmer syllable. It is the first digital typeface to implement this vertical compression. Also, it has a variable slant axis.

Anantākkhara showcase

Anantākkhara is an interactive showcase of a curated edition of historic Khmer typefaces.

‎مهربانی + 𝔊𝔲𝔢𝔱𝔢

‎مهربانی + 𝔊𝔲𝔢𝔱𝔢 both meaning kindness in a Persian-Teutonic synthesis. The workshop with @golnarkat raised the question if type was political as Arabic script has negative connotations with religious fanatists. My response combined it with Fraktur which has a similar historical problem in Germany. My question was: isn’t the content more important than the shape and kindness the solution to division and prejudice?

when we were dreaming

A oversize Winnie-the-pooh-themed knitwear sweater for democratic participation in the face of powerful old men who are currently – motivated by fear at losing authority and money – undermining the democratic process and challenging the hard-fought rights of the individual. I wanted to draw attention to what is being lost.

Mr Sheprd Helpd

Mr Sheprd Helpd is a small digitised font based on the childish lettering of Ernest Shepard in his illustrations of Winnie-the-Pooh. It includes a mechanism to make the letters looks as random as possible and also some original illustrations.


Contemplative drawings, experimenting with drawing techniques and coping with these crazy times.

Analogue AR Panorama

On the top floor of an office building, on a window, an analogue augmented reality map of the urban surroundings.

Transporeon office wayfinding

For the new headquarters of Transporeon GmbH, I created a wayfinding system, including door signs, meeting room naming, floor plans and a general building overview map.

Software icon webfont

The icon-webfont of the Transporeon software. It includes 450 icons with the majority being specific to the logistics industry. Using variable fonts technology, selected icons can be scaled between 20 px and 40 px while maintaining its stroke width.


„non-verbal“ is a particapative pictogram font. The pictograms can be used as a communication tool for the public area.

Design system and unification

The responsive, modular Transporeon Design System was the result of 4 years work at a German-based logistics software provider. The Design System unified the whole portfolio of logistics business applications.


@ulmeransichten is a local-patriotic Instagram account where Ulm’s city landmarks are depicted in a city-typical illustration style. The style embodies the pragmatical city culture, the colors of the coat of arms and is an hommage to Otl Aicher.

Multi-layered transit map for Ulm

I got tired of Ulm's 4 different transit maps (1 for trains, 1 for local buses, 1 for public buses and trams, 1 for regional railway), all of which looked worse after each of the perpetual changes. So I created my own map with all means of public transport in the city of Ulm being merged into one user-friendly transit map.

Schematic Yoga diagram

The foldable schematic yoga diagram sums up the most important practice sequence in Ashtanga yoga. A notation system was created in which over 100 stylised illustrations are put into relation with the flow of breath. The diagram has been realised with a Japanese folding technique, which can be folded and unfolded with a simple movement of the hand.

Food bank tools

For a foodbank I created visual tools which supported the communication with people from many different cultural backgrounds.


Inspired by a segregated society somewhere in Europe in 2016, “Caleidoscoop” is a cooperative, educative parlour game. Its rules and mechanics are set up in a way that the player needs to shift his initial strategy which focuses on winning the game alone towards a cooperative strategy in order to win the game together with the other players.


Un-fold is a self-reflective book of autobiographic haiku on the topic of growing up.

Rddhi: an education game from Nepal

In Nepal, I worked together with artisans and art students to develop an education game.

In Nepal

In Nepal, I made it a pastime to go from photo shop to photo shop and ask for 35mm film. Later, I filled them with the slowly passing time.

Bone-deep & harmony brochure

A brochure and key visual for the NYC soup kitchen “Bone-deep & Harmony” which produces long-cooked bone broths from locally-sourced beef bones.

A Belgian still life

A still life as a comment on the experience of living in Belgium.

Three in unity

A photographic triptych on the concept of self-doubts. The doubts are illustrated by a noodle.


A series of portraits of people I encountered when cycling along the Mekong river in Cambodia.

BSDA Annual Report 2012

For the Cambodian NGO BSDA, I created an annual report and converted boring figures into tangible infographics for the different projects.